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Skills Testing

Thomson Tremblay understands that the hiring process can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming. Our placement services are designed to relieve the stress of hiring while accomplishing the goal of identifying a candidate with the necessary skills, personality and career objectives aligned with your company's requirements.

Working jointly with you, our experienced consultants will:

  • Define the hiring mandate
  • Identify and conduct an evaluation of suitable candidates
  • Facilitate the interview process
  • Guide the selection of the final candidate
  • Ease the transition of the candidate into the client's organization

We conduct a rigorous pre-screening of all our candidates with the use of sophisticated skills testing software. We offer a full range of quality assessments including tests for clerical, software, industrial, financial and technical positions. This ensures that we match each candidate with the perfect position according their knowledge, skills and professional experience.

Detailed test results are generated and interpreted by our consultants to produce enhanced reporting on the skill base of each candidate. This screening process enables us to present our clients with only the highest calibre employees.

Head Office: Montreal
1411, rue Saint-Urbain
Montreal, Québec
H2X 2M6
(514) 861-9971

Thomson Tremblay is a Montreal-based company that offers placement services for temporary and permanent positions, as well as payroll services. Our areas of specialty are:   
  1. Executives (permanent)
  2. Specialized Personnel (permanent)
  3. Technical, Engineering and Industrial (temporary & permanent)
  4. Administrative Support (temporary & permanent)

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