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Tips & Tricks

The Secret to a Good Resume

A good resume allows you to take the first step towards finding that perfect job. It is your primary marketing tool so your resume needs to do an excellent job of selling your skills and suitability to potential employers. To help you get your foot in the door and land that first interview, here are a few tips:

  • Your resume should not exceed two (2) pages.
  • Type your resume in a clear, standard font (i.e. Times New Roman or Arial).
  • When writing your job descriptions, use a bullet-point format.
  • Tasks listed for each position should be clear and concise, using active verbs.
  • Proofread your resume carefully to make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Be as honest and detailed as possible. The more an employer knows about you, the easier it is to decide whether you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Cover Letter Advice

Your cover letter is your initial "sales pitch" to a potential employer. You're selling your skills before the employer has had the chance to meet you, so your cover letter should explain why you're the ideal candidate for the position.  Most importantly, it should persuade the employer to take a closer look at your resume and want to meet you.  Here are some pointers on a winning cover letter:

  • Your cover letter should not exceed one (1) page.
  • Use confident, persuasive language to pique their interest.
  • Include details of the job description that are relevant to your work experience, education and skills.
  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of the company's business operations.
  • Be unique and interesting — the more qualities you display, the better!

Winning Interview Tips

When you get called for an interview, here are some winning tips:

  • Be on time! Arriving early will ensure that you are punctual.
  • Confirm date, time and address of the interview and the name of the person you will be meeting with.
  • Dress in a corporate manner.  Wearing a business suit always makes a good first impression.
  • Research the company to be prepared for any questions about it.
  • Your answers should be direct, brief and to-the-point.  Avoid hesitation in your answers.
  • Study your resume and be prepared to discuss your work history in detail.
  • Stay focused on the skills and experience relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Ask questions only when you are prompted at the end of the interview.
  • Be calm, confident and enthusiastic - show them why you are perfect for the job!

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