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Company History

Since 1971, Thomson Tremblay has prided itself on making the right matches by connecting good people with great companies across Québec. Focused on quality, reliability and efficiency, we deliver qualified people to our clients when they need them.  Over the past 40 years, we have gained significant experience in the recruitment industry with a consistent track record of successful placements. We're proud to have earned the trust of companies and candidates across a wide variety of industries.

We come highly recommended by Québec's most reputable companies as the premiere solution in Human Resources Management.  We stand behind our candidates and we guarantee their performance.  Our strength lies in knowing people and corporate culture; our consultants take the time to truly understand the needs of both employers and prospective employees and we always strive for the optimal fit while creating strong working relationships.  This has been the key to our success. Our business is growing across Québec thanks to a solid network of partnered companies and a flourishing applicant pool.  We are ready to connect as many candidates as possible with their dream jobs while satisfying the unique needs of each employer.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to introduce good companies to great people.  Whether it is a temporary or permanent placement, our goal is to make positive matches.  We are committed to offering tailored solutions to the specific needs of each company, and our goal is to positively impact the success of your business by matching the right people with the right positions.  By providing you with top-performing staff, we help you reach your objectives quickly and efficiently while saving you time and money in the process.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of the staffing world.  Being a Québec-based company functioning in an ever-changing job market, we continually face new challenges and strive to find new solutions for our clients and candidates.  With our vast network of clients, we reach out across the province of Québec and Canada to fulfill our clients' needs.

Our Values

We apply these core values to provide the maximum possible benefit to our clients and personnel in every industry sector:

  • Quality — We conduct a rigorous pre-screening of all our candidates to ensure that only the highest quality professionals are provided to fulfill our clients' needs.
  • Reliability — Our long-standing reputation for reliability and striving for excellence makes us the premiere choice for staffing solutions.  We operate our business on the trustworthiness of our staff and the veracity of our promises.
  • Efficiency — We analyze the specific needs of our clients and tailor a "perfect fit" according to their requirements in a quick and time-efficient manner.


Thomson Tremblay has made a name for itself in the recruitment industry for four decades. Our highly efficient team of consultants pride themselves on providing excellent service and top-notch employment opportunities while contributing to the overall success of companies. Our immense bank of qualified employees, our valued partners, our network of contacts and the outstanding commitment of the quality staff that make up the Thomson Tremblay family are always ready to serve you.

Head Office: Montreal
1411, rue Saint-Urbain
Montreal, Québec
H2X 2M6
(514) 861-9971

1700, boulevard Laval #100
Laval, Québec
H7S 2J2
(450) 682-2680

Thomson Tremblay is a Montreal-based company that offers placement services for temporary and permanent positions, as well as payroll services. Our areas of specialty are:   
  1. Executives (permanent)
  2. Specialized Personnel (permanent)
  3. Technical, Engineering and Industrial (temporary & permanent)
  4. Administrative Support (temporary & permanent)